NUpon arrival at Sunan International Airport, in Pyongyang, Putin was received by Kim Jong-un himself, in an expression of gratitude for this high-level diplomatic trip, which aims to strengthen the relationship between the two neighboring countries.

During Putin’s visit, which should take place until Wednesday, several ceremonies, tributes and visits are planned, in addition to the signing of bilateral documents.

After completing the trip, Putin will travel to Vietnam, where he will hold several meetings with the general secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, Nguyen Phu Trong, with the country’s President, To Lam, and with the Prime Minister, Pham Minh Tinh, among other leaders.

Last week, Russian authorities announced their intention to strengthen relations with Pyongyang in the face of warnings from several rival countries about strengthening contacts between the two countries, particularly in the military area.

North Americans and Europeans have been expressing concern for months about the rapprochement between Moscow and Pyongyang, accusing the North Koreans of supplying Russia with ammunition in the context of the war in Ukraine, in exchange for technological, diplomatic and food assistance.

Today, the Kremlin (Russian presidency) published a document confirming Russia’s intention to sign a “strategic partnership” treaty with North Korea.

Kim Jong-un recently referred to his “invincible” relationship with the Russian government, and described his counterpart as a “comrade in arms”.

In this sense, he recalled that his meeting with Putin in 2023 in Russia took ties between the two countries to a “higher level”.

The North Korean leader traveled to Russia last September and visited the Vostochni cosmodrome, where Putin promised to help him build satellites.

The two leaders agreed at the time to promote new contacts, progressively.

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