NIn a speech on the occasion of Russia Day, a national holiday, Putin said that his country “has gone through countless difficult and tragic moments”, which “increases the greatness of the homeland”.

“Today is a difficult day for our country. We are united again by patriotism and responsibility towards the destiny of our nation,” added the Russian leader.

“These feelings serve as support for all those fighting within the scope of the special military operation. The entire country supports our heroes”, assured Putin, referring to the fighters deployed for the invasion of Ukraine.

“It is right to celebrate Russia Day as a symbol of the continuity of the ancient path of our homeland”, said the Russian president during the ceremony of awarding gold medals to the heroes of work – an important decoration.

Putin stressed that it is precisely these honored citizens who “represent belief in and adherence to the tradition of working for the common good”.

Today, Russian officials said the president recently held a telephone conversation with his Belarusian counterpart, Alexander Lukashenko, with whom he exchanged views on the current situation in the region.

The two leaders also addressed economic issues, such as the implementation of common policies to resolve security problems.

Another issue on the minds of Putin and Lukashenko has been cooperation between the two countries, with both presidents agreeing to maintain new contacts in the near future.

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