The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, will remain in the Kremlin until 2030 after achieving 87.34% of the votes according to the scrutiny of 50% of the votesreported the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) at the end of the three days of voting.

Putin, 71, achieved his biggest electoral victory since coming to power in 2000despite the war in Ukraine and Western economic sanctions.

He will remain president of this country for another six years, after which he will be able to run for re-election again, since In 2020 he reformed the clauses of the Constitution that prevented him from continuing in the Kremlin.

The second most voted candidate was the communist Nikolai Kharitonov with 4.11% of the votes. followed by the representative of the New People party, Vladislav Davankov, with 4.01%. The last is the ultranationalist Leonid Slutski, who accounts for 3.11% of the ballots.

The opposition to the Kremlin could not participate in the elections, since the CEC (Central Electoral Commission of Russia), did not register its candidates for various technical reasons or formal defects or for supporting peace in Ukraine.

Were there irregularities?

The CEC, which did not invite Western observers, denied today that serious irregularities occurred, although Independent experts and the press in exile denounced several cases of electoral manipulation.

Participation with three hours left before the closing of the schools exceeded 74%, which is expected to mark a historical maximum since the first direct presidential elections in Russia held in 1991.

The opposition expressed its suspicions about the massive use of administrative resources after more than half of the census, estimated at 112 million people, voted in the first two days.

Thousands of Russians critical of the Kremlin They came at 12 noon on Sunday to vote en masse in Russia and abroad in a show of rejection coordinated by the opposition against Putin’s policy and the war in Ukraine.

The elections have been marked by drone attacks and Ukrainian border incursions, which left several dead and led Putin to accuse Kiev of trying to torpedo his re-election.

Russian President Vladimir Putin thanked the Russians this Sunday after achieving the biggest electoral victory since he came to power, which will allow him to remain in the Kremlin until 2030.

“First of all, I want to thank the Russian citizens. We are all one team. All the citizens who went to the polling stations and voted,” said Putin, who has more than 87% of the votes after the counting of almost 70% of the votes, according to the Central Electoral Commission.


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