Dozens of residents of an apartment building in Miami, United States, were evacuated this Monday, June 10, due to a massive intentional fire preceded by a shooting that left one person in critical condition, authorities reported.

The fire, which has already been extinguished, broke out around 8:15 local time in the morning in the Temple Court Apartments building, and when Miami firefighters responded to the scene they found a man shot in the torso.

Miami Mayor Francis Suárez said the shooting victim, a building employee, was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center in critical condition and that the fire is the first Category 3 (highest level) alarm fire. that will appear in the city in 25 years.

In addition to the gunshot victim, two other residents of the building and three firefighters had to be taken to the hospital. due to smoke inhalation “for further evaluation,” this body said.

Although the shooting remains under investigation, the suspect in the shooting and also the cause of the fire was arrested and the authorities are expected to reveal his identity in the next few hours, Suárez said in a press conference.

Due to the fire, 43 people had to be evacuated. (…) and the building’s property management company will “accommodate them in hotel rooms for the next two weeks,” added the Miami councilor.

The first calls alerting about the fire came around 8:15 and, according to local radio stations, there were scenes of panic inside the apartment complex and residents reported that they were trapped in their homes.

Mayor Suárez said firefighters “rescued several people,” some of them from their balconies.

The evacuees from 61 apartment building They were initially transferred this morning to José Martí Park, where they were given the necessary medical attention.

In a statement, the company that owns the building in Miami confirmed that the man shot is an employee of the company and indicated that they are still determining “the cause of these events and verifying if there are other injuries.”

“Police are investigating and we will help in any way we can,” the statement added.

Authorities said the fire started on the third floor and the Miami Police Department issued a safety advisory asking people to “refrain from entering or remaining in the vicinity to avoid any potential harm caused by a fire in a nearby apartment.”


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