“SThis approach, fair and based on international law, can lead to sustainable peace in the region”, said the head of Russian diplomacy at the beginning of a meeting of representatives of Palestinian factions in Moscow, in which both members of the Islamist group Hamas and of Fatah (Palestinian National Liberation Movement).

Lavrov insisted that “the issue of the creation of the Palestinian state must be resolved on the basis of resolutions of the Security Council and the United Nations General Assembly.”

According to the diplomat, the United States has been “ignoring” the interests of countries in the region for some time now, although it has tried to act as “mediators”.

“The United States is trying, by all means, to resume the role of main mediator. But, as far as we can judge, from the information we have (…), they do not intend [a criação de] a Palestinian state, but ‘normalization’ in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip,” he said.

Furthermore, he added, “there are forces that use the tragic events in Gaza to cement fragmentation and discord between the Palestinian territories.”

In this situation, it is the Palestinians themselves who must join forces to intensify inter-Palestinian dialogue and defend their interests.

“We wish the Palestinians and President Mahmoud Abbas [da Autoridade Nacional Palestiniana] success in forming a new Government. We hope that it reflects the will to overcome differences and is made up of people who represent the interests of the entire Palestinian people,” Lavrov stressed.

Representatives from Fatah and Hamas arrived in Moscow on Wednesday to try to overcome the internal division and negotiate the possible formation of a government of technocrats.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister for the Middle East and Africa, Mikhail Bogdanov, stressed that the objective of these consultations is to pave the way for the Palestinians to adopt a common cause from a political point of view and stressed that, for Moscow, the Organization for the Liberation of Palestine (PLO) remains “the legitimate representative of the Palestinian people”.

According to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a dozen groups that make up the PLO, Hamas and the Islamic Jihad movement will participate in the meeting that will last until Saturday.

Russia has supported the Palestinian aspiration to create an independent state on the borders that existed before the Six-Day War in 1967, with its capital in East Jerusalem and in accordance with UN resolutions, which is why it has offered its capital as a headquarters for the meeting.

Furthermore, Russia has been waiting for several months for a visit to Moscow by Abbas, whose influence in the mediation process between Israel and Hamas is almost nil, as it does not act as an interlocutor nor has direct control over Gaza, where the Islamist group overthrew Abbas from power in 2007.

This is not the first time that similar reconciliation consultations have taken place, as the groups have already met in 2019 and 2017, when Fatah and Hamas demanded that Abbas form a government of national unity.

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