Taylor Swift has made the Earth shake again. This time, it was the concerts at Murrayfield Stadium, in Edinburgh, Scotland, that generated seismic activity, so much so that the phenomenon was detected up to six kilometers away from the venue.

This was confirmed by the British seismic monitoring agency, the British Geological Survey (BGS), this Thursday.

The organization detailed that the three concert nights recorded seismic activity, having followed a similar seismographic pattern. However, the ground shook more intensely during Friday’s show.

“Based on maximum amplitude of motion (the distance the ground moves), Friday night’s event was the most energetic by a small margin, recording 23.4 nanometers (nm) of motion, versus 22. 8 nm and 23.3 nm on Saturday and Sunday, respectively”, he indicated.

Furthermore, the themes ‘…Ready For It?’, ‘Cruel Summer’, ‘champagne problems’ and, of course, ‘Shake It Off’ were the ones that caused the most significant tremors.

The peak activity generated by the ‘Swifties’ was 160 beats per minute during ‘…Ready For It?’, a song in which the audience generated approximately 80 kW of power, the equivalent of approximately 10 to 16 car batteries.

Even so, according to the entity, “it is unlikely that the vibrations generated by the concert were felt by anyone other than those in the immediate vicinity”.

“It’s clear that Scotland’s reputation as an enthusiastic public remains intact!” said seismologist Callum Harrison.

Remember that the North American also made the ground shake in Seattle, in the United States, where her concerts in July last year generated seismic activity equivalent to a magnitude 2.3 earthquake.

Lisbon, the city in which Taylor Swift performed for the first time on May 24th and 25th, was not immune to the phenomenon. In fact, it was possible to detect seismic activity six kilometers away from the stage, as seismologist Susana Custódio, professor at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (FCUL) and researcher at the Dom Luiz Institute, told Público.

After Edinburgh, ‘The Eras Tour’ heads to Liverpool, in the United Kingdom.

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