O Yemen’s internationally recognized government blamed Iran-backed Huthi rebels for the attack, which followed at least two recent ones linked to the Israel-Hamas war.

The ship carrying phosphoric acid was undamaged and the crew of 22 people from Bulgaria, Georgia, India, the Philippines, Russia, Turkey and Vietnam escaped the attack unharmed.

“We would like to thank the coalition forces who responded quickly, protecting assets in the area and upholding international maritime law”, declared the company. The company did not provide details on how the attackers left the ship, nor did it identify them.

In a statement, the United States Central Command reported that the attackers were detained by the US military who came to the aid of the ship’s crew.

The US military added that two missiles were fired from an area controlled by the Huthis and that they fell approximately 16 kilometers from the two US vessels involved in the operation.

Yemen’s Huthi rebels, who have controlled the capital Sanaa since 2014, did not claim the attack.

The attack on this vessel occurred after a container ship, the CMA CGM Symi, owned by another Israeli billionaire, was attacked on Friday by a suspected Iranian drone in the Indian Ocean.

Global shipping has been increasingly targeted as the war between Israel and Hamas threatens to become a wider regional conflict, despite a truce ending the fighting and Hamas exchanging hostages for Palestinian prisoners detained by Israel.

Earlier this month, the Huthis attacked a vehicle transport ship, also linked to Israel, in the Red Sea, off Yemen.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2449255/navio-ligado-a-empresario-israelita-atacado-e-libertado-na-costa-do-iemen

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