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Chef Simone Zanoni, who is at the head of the Michelin-starred restaurant George at the Four Season in Paris, does not hesitate to share her best recipes and give her tips on her Instagram account. Recently, the chef revealed his advice for transforming leftover puff pastry scraps into delicious biscuits, perfect for the end of year celebrations.

Currently, anti-waste videos are becoming more and more popular. We recently told you about the three-star chef Mauro for Colagreco who shared his recipe for cookies made with stale bread. A few days ago, Simone Zanoni made cinnamon cookies with leftover pie crust. But in his Instagram video, before delivering his recipe, the chef explains what mistake not to make with scraps of dough. Indeed, in order to obtain delicious biscuits, it is imperative not to gather all the scraps of dough to form a ball. For what ? Because “you will break the structure of the butter”, explains the chef. This will then prevent the dough from simply flaking.

So, to make the chef’s cinnamon cookies, simply rework the dough to form a rectangle instead of making a ball. The chef advises folding the dough on itself several times. Feel free to use a rolling pin to help you. Once flattened, use a grated wheel to cut strips of dough before covering everything with a drizzle of olive oil, sugar and cinnamon. Then, place everything on a baking tray before baking your biscuits for 40 minutes in the oven at 180°C.

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