A The situation was highlighted by iStories, an independent Russian website specializing in investigative journalism, based in Lithuania, in collaboration with the Swiss weekly Le Matin Dimanche.

The two ‘media’ underline the fact that Lavrentiu Zakharov, Alexander’s youngest son, has been working at the United Nations in Geneva since last May, in the field of disarmament, while his father supplies the Russian army with the famous unmanned devices, used in Syria and “now widely used in the war with Ukraine”.

The ‘iStories’ website (short for Important Stories) points out that “military officials and experts recognize the effectiveness of Russian Lancets”, with Ukrainian expert Oleksandr Kovalenko classifying them as “the scourge of the war zone”.

The ‘media’ also highlights that, in Russian propaganda pieces about the power of these ‘drones’, Alexander Zakharov is referred to as “the second Kalashnikov”, in an allusion to the former Soviet officer Mikhail Kalashnikov, creator of the AK-47 rifles known for their surname.

The article also points out that Alexander Zakharov’s family, namely his wife, Svetlana, son Nikita and daughter Maria, are involved in the ‘drone’ production business, which does not happen with Lavrentiy, 23 years old, who, according to the data collected, he has lived abroad for at least the age of 16, having completed his academic training in the United Kingdom.

Since July 2021, reveals the journalistic investigation, Lavrentiy has worked in United Nations agencies in New York and Rome and, since May of this year, he has been an intern at the United Nations Institute for Research on Disarmament (UNIDIR) in Geneva, Switzerland.

According to UNIDIR’s online page, Lavrentiy Zakharov’s research interests are “strengthening arms and ammunition management, mine clearance and humanitarian access”.

iStories also revealed that Lavrentiy and his mother own a luxury apartment in a prime area of ​​London, the Westminster district, valued at around 1.7 million euros, noting that the UK Government has placed the ‘drone factory’ ‘ of Zakharov on its sanctions list last February, but did not include the family.

Both Svetlana and Lavrentiy Zakharov declined to answer the questions sent to them by IStories.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2376281/filho-do-criador-de-drones-russos-e-especialista-em-desarmamento-na-onu

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