SAccording to information from the EFE agency, a woman was found dead along with her two children in Cuenca, in the center of the country, a young woman and her mother were killed in their home in Granada, in the south of Spain, and another woman was strangled by her partner in Malaga, near the Mediterranean.

If it is confirmed that these are cases of domestic violence, the number of women killed by former or current partners since the beginning of the year rises to 19, while there will be 15 children.

Only in one of these three cases was the victim in the Spanish VioGén protection system, for monitoring victims of gender-based violence, and the aggressor had a restraining order, which did not prevent the deadly attack, while in relation to the other two alleged aggressors there were no previous complaints.

The Guardia Civil today found the bodies of a woman and her two children, aged 5 and 7, in a house in Las Pedroñeras (Cuenca).

The woman and children were allegedly murdered by the woman’s ex-partner and the children’s father, aged 44, who was arrested.

Sources close to the investigation told EFE that the woman was in the VioGén police system and had a restraining order against her attacker.

At around six o’clock this morning, a 34-year-old man is said to have killed his ex-partner, aged 20, and her mother, in the town of Zafarraya (Granada), after surprising them entering the house with a key and shooting them both with a shotgun, with which he committed suicide.

In this case, it was a friend who alerted the authorities, as she was talking on the phone with Laura, the murdered young woman, and heard what was happening, calling 112.

On Friday night, around 11pm, a 75-year-old man strangled his 76-year-old wife in Fuengirola (Málaga) and then tried to commit suicide. The man, who left a letter reporting the events before trying to kill himself using pills, is out of danger and has been arrested.

The Ministry of Equality announced on Thursday that it would convene the crisis committee next week to analyze the latest crimes, after the sexist nature of the murder of two women in April was confirmed, bringing the number of victims to 16 deadly this year.

Today, the Minister for Equality, Ana Redondo García, denounced sexist violence on this “terrible day for Spanish society in general”.

Redondo stressed that this “black and sad day” is also a day to reflect and to put all mechanisms within reach to “eradicate this enormous problem”.

And he highlighted the role of the “environment” in these cases, which in many cases is aware of the violence: “we need them to report it so we can make decisions and better protect before the homicide occurs”, he said.

The second vice-president and Minister of Employment, Yolanda Díaz, stated that the “dramatic” numbers remind us that “there is still a lot of work to be done”, while the Minister of Youth and Children, Sira Rego, said she was “horrified” by the “heartbreaking” cruelty of these events.

So far, in 2024, the Government Delegation against Gender-Based Violence has confirmed the sexist nature in 16 homicides, a number that will rise to 19 if today’s last three crimes are confirmed.

Also in 2024, thirteen minors were murdered by their parents in crimes of domestic violence. Added to this are the two children found in Las Pedroñeras (Cuenca) with their mother.

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