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Only a few weeks left before the start of the end-of-year holidays, to wait, many turned to an advent calendar, others preferred to test the new drinks from the Starbucks brand without further delay. Indeed, since November 2 and like every year, autumnal drinks such as the pumpkin spice latte have given way to Christmas ones. If we find certain classics that we never tire of, we were also able to discover new recipes. So here’s what to get at Starbucks for the end of the year.

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Starbucks has established itself as a benchmark brand in terms of Christmas drinks. Every year, the brand offers seasonal must-haves, so you can enjoy a gourmet and comforting break “to make every second a warm and special moment” as the sign explains.

So, on site or to take away, in iced or hot version, it is now possible to enjoy Christmas drinks in your Red Cup at Starbucks. Let’s start with the classics, which we love to find again.

le Toffee Nut Lattewith its aromas of caramel and roasted nuts;
le Gingerbread Latteand its very comforting gingerbread notes;
the Caramel Waffle Latte, the drink launched last year with the taste of the famous Starbucks caramel waffle.

The brand is arriving with its hands full of new products this year, to the delight of Christmas drinks lovers. For those who would like to enjoy a good hot chocolate, the brand has granted this wish with le Hazelnut Chocolate Crunch Hot Chocolate, a hot chocolate with flavors of roasted hazelnuts, accompanied by warm and velvety milk (animal or vegetable), and decorated with chocolate whipped cream and crunchy chocolate biscuit crumbs. In short, it’s hot chocolate 2.0, it’s new this year!

But the new products are not only limited to drinks since gourmets will also be able to try pastry le Holiday Donuta sugar donut with white chocolate icing as well as the Chocolate Roll, a cinnamon roll but chocolate version. Last bit of good news, the Red Velvet Muffin is also making a comeback for the end-of-year holidays.

With such a selection, it’s difficult to make a choice, we would like to try almost everything!


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