O Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Jens Stoltenberg, will step down in October next year.

The guarantee was given in an interview with CNN International, when asked about a possible extension of his mandate until that time – which happened due to the war in Europe. “This is my last term extension,” he clarified.

If he fulfills his term until October of next year, Stoltenberg will be in office for ten years, since he took over in October 2014.

“It is a privilege to be able to serve as Secretary General of NATO and, especially at this moment, it has enormous significance, in the course of a war in Europe”pointed.

Stoltenberg added that, given the context, unity was “important” and that everyone should mobilize. “At the very least, we need unity between Europe and North America. Being Secretary General and helping to make that happen has been a huge privilege. And I think it’s an important message,” he said.

Stoltenberg also took the opportunity to underline the support that has been given by the Europeans. “Yes, the United States is supporting Ukraine immensely, but European allies are also handing over billions of dollars and euros to support Ukraine,” he shot.

The official also pointed out that Europe was not only helping with monetary support, but also in the issue of the delivery of modern equipment. “The F-16s are the most recent example”, he exemplified.

“Being the Secretary General who holds this Alliance together has been very important,” he concluded.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2390713/stoltenberg-deixa-lideranca-da-nato-em-outubro-de-2024-e-apela-a-uniao

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