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For a quick meal or a dinner on the go, we all appreciate a good omelette… but as long as it is soft! Unfortunately, although there are many techniques to achieve this, it is not always easy to make this recipe correctly.

Fortunately, we can count on chef Norbert Tarayre to help us! In his latest video published on his Youtube channel, the chef shared his secret to successfully making ultra-soft omelettes every time! Inspired by the “French-Japanese omelette”, the creamy and smooth texture is a real delight. Good choice of ingredients, ideal proportions and cooking technique, here is how to reproduce this recipe at home.

To obtain the ideal proportion, the chef counts around 25 ml of milk per egg. So, to make this recipe for 2 people using 4 eggs, you will need 100 ml of milk. This ingredient allows, according to the cook, “to prevent the omelette from being brittle”. And as the chef explains, you can also replace the milk with liquid cream, as long as you reduce the quantity by half.

After breaking the eggs into a salad bowl, add the salt and ground pepper then whisk, gradually adding the milk, stirring vigorously to incorporate the elements well. Then heat a pan, add a drizzle of grapeseed oil and when the pan is hot, lower the heat. This step is imperative to avoid “coagulating too quickly” the eggs, explains the chef. Transfer the beaten egg mixture to the pan and – using a spatula – stir in circular movements. Be sure to start from the inside to go towards the outside, despite your attention, the omelette is coagulating too quickly? Simply remove the pan from the heat so that it cools down. Check its texture during cooking: when it is still runny in the center, turn it off. fire and leave the pan in the same location. The omelette will finish cooking with the inertia. Then roll it on itself by tilting the pan and it’s already ready!


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