“CI welcome the Hungarian Parliament’s vote to ratify Sweden’s membership of NATO. Now that all Allies have approved it, Sweden will become NATO’s 32nd Ally. Sweden’s accession will make us all stronger and safer”, wrote Jens Stoltenberg on his personal account on the social network X (formerly Twitter).

The Hungarian parliament today ratified Sweden’s membership of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the final step necessary for the Nordic country that has wanted to join the Atlantic Alliance since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Stockholm’s candidacy was approved by an overwhelming majority of deputies (188 votes out of 199 seats).

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“Today is a historic day. Sweden is ready to assume its responsibilities in Euro-Atlantic security,” wrote the Swedish chief executive.

After Turkey’s recent approval, at the end of January, all that was left was for Hungary to give its official opinion on Sweden’s accession.

Both Finland and Sweden jointly applied to join the Alliance following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

Finland became a full member of NATO on April 4 last year – which more than doubled the Alliance’s border with Russia – but Turkey and Hungary maintained their veto in relation to Sweden.

Ankara, which had agreed security commitments with Helsinki and Stockholm, still had doubts about Swedish involvement in the fight against alleged Kurdish terrorism.

Now that a consensus has been reached among all countries for Sweden to become a full member of the Alliance and benefit from collective defense in the event of an attack, there are still some administrative steps to be taken.

Sweden must deposit the so-called accession protocol with the United States, which will be kept by the US State Department in Washington.

As a symbolic finale, the Swedish flag will be raised in a ceremony at NATO headquarters in Brussels, along with those of the other 31 allies.

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