PAt least four members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRG) were killed this Saturday following an Israeli attack on the Mazzeh neighborhood in Damascus, the organization confirmed to the Iranian state agency Press TV, reports Sky News.

An IRG commander and one of his deputies – as well as members of the Syrian armed forces – were among the dead, according to Syrian state media.

“Once again, the criminal Zionist regime attacked the city of Damascus, the Syrian capital, and during an air strike by the fighters of the invading and occupying regime, several Syrian forces and four military advisors of the Islamic Republic of Iran were martyred”, says the Revolutionary Guard in a statement cited by Al Jazeera, also highlighting that the Israeli attack was considered “terrorist”.

Local media reported that explosions were heard across the Syrian capital.

A security source from the pro-Syrian regional alliance also told Reuters that the multi-story building was used by Iranian advisers – who supported President Bashar al-Assad’s government – and that it was completely leveled by “Israeli precision missiles”. .

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights highlighted, on the other hand, that “so far” there have been “six deaths, including three Iranians from the Revolutionary Guard, a Syrian civilian” and two other people, who have not yet been identified.

“The third floor of the building belongs to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. The building was targeted and completely destroyed. The other floors of the building belonged to Syrian civilians. The air defenses did not move during this Israeli attack”, highlights the director of the observatory in a publication on social network X (formerly Twitter).

The director of Al-Mowasat Hospital in Damascus, Essam Al-Amin, revealed to Reuters that one dead person and three injured people, including a woman, had been admitted to that hospital unit following this attack.

In turn, a spokesman for Palestinian Islamic Jihad stated that no member of his group was injured in the attack, after it was reported that some were in the building that was bombed.

Press TV released images revealing the “great devastation” caused by the attack.

It should be remembered that Israel has been carrying out a bombing campaign against targets linked to Iran in Syria for a long time.

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