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In winter, we love comforting dishes such as tartiflette or gratins with melted gratin cheese. But how can you enjoy these delights without breaking the calorie counter? Don’t panic, a few simple tips can make all the difference without sacrificing taste. Follow the guide for healthier winter cooking that’s full of flavor!

Say goodbye to high-calorie cheeses! Replace reblochon or raclette with lighter cheeses like mozzarella or cancoillotte. Mozzarella, with only 280 kcal per 100 g, offers an interesting alternative because it is very tender when cooked. For even more lightness, opt for cancoillotte, the lightest cheese with only 127 kcal per 100 g. A smart choice to have fun without feeling guilty.

In winter, we like to put potatoes at the center of our recipes. If it is rich in fiber, it is also rich in starch and therefore in carbohydrates. To limit the glycemic peak, you can opt for other seasonal vegetables for your gratins. Leeks, endives, cauliflower: there are numerous options to give a healthy and colorful touch to your winter dishes. A delicious way to combine pleasure and balance.

Goodbye crème fraîche which is rich in saturated fats and welcome to light alternatives! Opt for 0% cottage cheese, with only 53 kcal, or also try soy cream, a plant-based alternative that gives very similar results to cream. Alternatives that allow you to maintain the creamy and smooth side of your dishes without the extra calories.

Bacon is delicious, but its calorie content is quite high (around 329 kcal). No worries, swap them instead for diced cooked ham with 121 kcal. Don’t hesitate to add pieces of chicken breast (120 kcal). Two lighter options that don’t compromise on taste.


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