TThree “camouflaged” men started shooting with automatic weapons at a concert hall in Moscow, Russia, and, according to the Moscow Times, several people were dead. Some Russian media, such as the independent newspaper Meduza, indicate that the death toll now stands at four dozen with more than a hundred injured. At this point, however, there are still no official confirmations.

Videos captured by people present at the theater, which is located in the largest shopping center on the outskirts of Moscow, show the chaos and panic that took place there. You can watch one of the videos above.

Russian agencies indicate that there is already a large apparatus on site, with at least 50 ambulances.

Shortly afterwards, a huge fire broke out. The flames were caused after the suspects activated an explosive device, which was a grenade.

“A terrible tragedy occurred today at the Crocus City shopping center. I am very sorry for the families of the victims”said the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin.

Several videos have already been shared on social media, both of the flames and like inside the room, as you can see in the gallery above.

The Russian press also says that machine guns were used in the attack.

The moment in which at least three suspects entered the location was also captured, as you can see below:

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