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Bread is undoubtedly one of the key symbols of French culture. It’s impossible to do without it today. From breakfast to dinner and aperitif: bread has become part of our daily lives.

France also pays tribute to it through competitions such as that for the best baguette in Paris or through certain television programs such as Best Bakery. Matthieu Bayle, M6 program director, spoke about the French passion for this product during a press conference: “baking is truly a French passion”, moreover “the French have a very particular and unique relationship with bread in the world”.

To better visualize this craze, the manager explains that in France, there are no less than approximately 33,000 bakeries. As for baguettes, 6 billion are sold each year across France and no less than 60% of French people eat them every day. “It’s something that is at the heart of the daily life of the French.”

For lovers of this product, it is important to know all the tips for consuming it. Know that it would be heresy to throw it away. Indeed, even stale bread can be used in cooking. You will thus give it “a second life” by making it crispy again like the first day. Here’s how to do it.

It would be a real mistake to throw away your stale bread. Know that it is possible to transform it into delicious recipes. Many chefs have already shared their preparation ideas. We have already revealed the secrets to transforming it into appetizer biscuits or even pancakes. There is nothing more simple. But before cooking it, it is possible to make your baguette crispy and thus give it “a second life”. The trick is simple and only requires a little water. We’ll explain how to do it.

It was on Tiktok that chef Arman Hasanpapaj, author of the book Olive, feta & baklava, gave his foolproof tip for transforming your stale bread into a crispy baguette. To do this, you need water and an oven. The secret is to add moisture to the bread. Simply wet the pieces of bread quickly under a stream of water. Then place the bread on a baking tray and heat everything to 200°C. After just 10 minutes of baking, your bread is crispy again.

It’s up to you to monitor the cooking and adapt it according to the coloring you want to obtain. You can then use it again for your sandwiches or even as spreads for your aperitifs.


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