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The BBC recently wondered about the best deal for eating in France. She quickly stopped at authentic establishments: roadhouses. Since 1934, these establishments open 24 hours a day have welcomed not only truckers but also all types of public and increasingly tourists. These places are also taken by storm on vacation days when they are always full.

We find traditional dishes in roadside restaurants that we no longer necessarily cook at home, such as beef bourguignon, veal blanquette or even coq au vin. “Today, most French people have stopped cooking like this. They go on the road to find what they left behind” estimates the BBC. In addition, the prices are unbeatable. In this period of inflation, it is not insignificant to know that you can find good, hearty meals at low prices: “To retain their customers, they must get closer to the meal allowance that transport companies pay to their employees, which currently amounts to 13.78 euros.”

For the British media, roadhouses are part of French heritage: “The exceptional value of these convivial, no-frills, old-fashioned French restaurants ensures the survival of a nearly century-old French tradition.” It’s a way of making French cuisine flourish through cold buffets and typical dishes. For our British neighbors, it’s the ideal plan to eat well and inexpensively and to preserve French heritage!


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