In recent days, the world has witnessed the resumption of the war between Ukraine and Russia, a conflict that, despite not having ceased for more than two years, has seen a decrease in intensity. In the most recent clashes, 41 people were killed and more than a hundred were injured.

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In this issue of Sala de Prensa, professors Manuel Alejandro Rayran and Carlos Patiño analyze the panorama of the war between Russia and Ukraine, how it has changed in recent years, its political and social repercussions, as well as the impact the war in Israel has had on this conflict.

For Patiño, the war between Russia and Ukraine can be divided, so far, into 5 periods: the invasion to take control over Ukrainian territory, the Ukrainian counteroffensive of 2022, the stagnation and construction of Russian defenses in the east, the failure of the second Ukrainian counteroffensive and a consolidation of the territory that Russia has occupied.

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