The Ecuadorian Prosecutor’s Office reported this Sunday that has opened – ex officio – an investigation into the murder of eight people on Saturday in the coastal city of Guayaquilin an armed attack, in which a dozen people were injured, at a time when a state of emergency is in force in the country.

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“Around 10 injuries were also recorded. Bodies and evidence were collected at the scene.”the Prosecutor’s Office stated this Sunday, while the Police had preliminarily reported on Saturday night that Eight deaths and eight injuries were recorded.

Based on versions of residents, the Police indicated that, at approximately 6:55 p.m. local time on Saturday, “several armed individuals arrived aboard a vehicle, who shot at a group of people who were at the site.”

“As a result of this event, two people died instantly, and several people were injured, they were transferred to different health homes,” he indicated.

Due to the circumstances, the Silver code was activated (for the protection of health centers) and “the injured people are under police protection,” he explained.

Ecuador is in a state of emergency and in an “internal armed conflict” against criminal gangsdecreed last January by the president, Daniel Noboa, at times of a growing wave of violence.


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