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Raclette has become a winter essential, so much so that this dish has risen to second place among the French’s favorite dishes, according to a survey carried out by the CSA in 2023. It is a real tradition for many and the opportunity to spend a friendly and ultra comforting moment.

After this feast, some cannot resist the desire for a little sweet touch to finish the meal. Impossible to have a chocolate cake or a Paris-Brest, the best is to opt for a touch of lightness. this is why ice cream appears to be, at first glance, a good alternative and yet…. If you thought that the cold would allow you to digest better and bring a little touch of freshness to the end of your meal, you are wrong. Indeed, if there is one dessert to avoid after raclette, it’s ice cream!

The Marchand Brothers, Master Cheese Refiners, explained on their website, that the cold was not a good ally after a raclette. As it is not recommended to drink water that is too cold, the same goes for ice. In question ? When saturated fats come into contact with cold, they solidify. It’s like putting oil in the fridge. As a result, the body will spend much more energy to digest them and therefore the digestion process will be more complicated. You then risk experiencing bloating and a feeling of heaviness.

This is why it is preferable to drink a hot drink like tea during raclette.

And if you want to finish the meal with a sweet touch, we have made a list of desserts to choose after a raclette.


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