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While it is possible to eat all kinds of foods, certain products have a better reputation because their composition is more interesting from a nutritional point of view. In any case, this is what a nutritionist doctor of British origin, Michael Mosley, says.

In his book “The Fast 800 Diet” (Leduc.S edition), the famous doctor known for his appearances on the BBC channel lists a series of foods whose regular consumption is strongly recommended. Salmon, these foods mainly from the Mediterranean diet would promote a long life. Here is the list of 5 foods to buy.

To fill your shopping basket as best as possible, you should consider going to the fruit section of your supermarket or the greengrocer. Indeed, two fruits earn the praise of the British expert: apples and pears.

Particularly consumed in France, the apple is one of the French’s favorite fruits. Rich in fiber, it is effective in fighting diabetes, obesity and cholesterol. For its part, the pear, for its part, offers great hydration and has antioxidant power as well as great exposure to vitamin C.

That’s good, it’s still the season!

In terms of protein, salmon is particularly recommended. Rich in omega-3, this fatty fish is beneficial for the brain: in fact, in addition to strengthening neuronal connections, a recent study has proven the decline in the risk of neurodegenerative diseases in patients consuming more omega-3.

More surprisingly, mustard also has a very good reputation for Michael Mosley. With its antioxidant effect, this condiment strengthens bone health and is even effective against infections because it has a high vitamin C content.

Finally, forget the white bread and replace it with sourdough bread. With its richness in fiber but significant in fiber, but also in iron, vitamins and even minerals, the latter is more interesting nutritionally speaking while offering a low glycemic index.


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