FBI agents arrested Miami International Airport to David Knezevich as the alleged perpetrator of the disappearance, in Spain, of the Colombian-American Ana María Henao, 40 years old, and whom she was divorcing.

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Of Ana María Henao nothing has been known for 94 days. She had just moved to Spain in the middle of a complicated divorce process, among others, according to what his brother told the Police. Furthermore, it was known that The breakup also involved a third person, a woman in Colombia with whom her husband allegedly cheated on her.

Ana lived in a building in the exclusive area of ​​Salamanca, in Madrid, Spain, when On the night of February 2, 2024, he simply disappeared.

The cameras, both from the intercom and from the hallway of his apartment, They were covered with black spray by a person wearing a motorcycle helmet.

The day after her disappearance, close friends received two messages from Ana’s number in which she said that, She was supposedly going on a trip with a man she had met the day before. At that moment they knew that it was not Ana who wrote.

“She had not gone out for a walk, because she spoke with Elisa until 10:00 pm and by then “She had not even gone out for a walk nor had she met any man.”said Sanna Rameau, Ana María’s friend.

In Florida it is known that The couple owns a technology company and another short-term rental company. In addition, last year he would have had more than a dozen properties.

It is expected for this Monday, May 6, 2024, David Knezevich’s appearance in Federal Court.

Through a message on social networks, The Spanish police confirmed that the investigation into Ana’s disappearance is being carried out in collaboration with the authorities of the United States, Spain and Colombia.

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