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Season 15 of Top Chef is soon coming to an end. For this anniversary season, the members of the jury were interviewed. Paul Pairet, rather discreet from a media point of view, confided in an interview with on the Pure Médias website. The opportunity for this chef, who doesn’t have his tongue in his pocket, to rant against the editing of the show. We will explain everything to you.

Lunar, from another planet and with his own language, chef Paul Pairet is almost like a culinary UFO. Among the jury, it was undoubtedly the touch of eccentricity and originality that was missing. It’s not the cameras that would make him more shy or reserved, quite the contrary.

The leader, assumes it, the side “TV show”, he saw it “Alright”. “I still try to restrain myself from flying, but there is a very natural side to me.” But what he appreciates above all is being natural. He advocates authenticity in particular: On the other hand, what I can’t do is redo sequences. When they come to me and say “we didn’t manage to film this sequence properly, we’re going to redo it”, then I say no. As much on other things I’m docile, as much on that I’m not. I am a very bad actor”.

To talk to him in front of the camera, there is no stress: “I have no trouble expressing what I think.” On the other hand, the chef perhaps tends to talk a little too much, at least that’s what production would think: “(she) thinks that I always express it in too long a way, I am systematically cut during editing. Write this down in your paper, because it is very important” explains the chef to our colleagues.

He continues and specifies: “All the interesting things I say on ‘Top Chef’ never get aired on the show. On the other hand, as soon as I say something stupid, it’s kept. When we make the “last chances”, I remember perfectly what I say and on the air when I watch M6, I hear myself saying “it’s good” even though I sometimes talk for three days”.


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