Nthe same document indicates that at least 141 people are still missing, while more than 400,000 have been displaced, of which around 340,000 had to take refuge in the homes of friends and family and around 71,000 in shelters improvised by the authorities.

The previous balance showed 127 deaths.

In total, there are already 444 cities affected and 1.95 million people affected by the floods in the region.

The most dramatic situation occurs in Rio Grande do Sul, a state that borders Argentina and Uruguay, where at least 136 deaths and 756 injuries have been recorded so far.

The other fatal case was reported in the neighboring state of Santa Catarina, also affected by the catastrophe, but to a lesser extent.

The heavy rains that gave a slight respite since last Thursday resumed their intensity today, mainly in Vale do Taquarí, one of the regions most affected in the last week, and in Porto Alegre, capital of the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

The storms that have hit the region since the end of April have left a trail of chaos and destruction in dozens of cities, which were totally or partially submerged, as is the case of Porto Alegre.

Hundreds of roads have been destroyed or blocked and victims suffer from the lack of public services, as hospitals are overloaded and without adequate conditions to care for patients.

The situation also hampered the work of almost 28,000 operators on the ground — including firefighters, security forces and volunteers — who help with rescues and distribute humanitarian aid.

In the last few hours, new cities have been taken over by water after the overflow of Lagoa dos Patos, where the waters have already reached one and a half meters above the normal level.

Authorities predict that the situation could worsen in the coming hours, as, in addition to intense rain, strong winds and a drastic drop in temperature are expected.

Rio Grande do Sul, an important agricultural hub and a key region for the country’s growth, will need at least 18,839 million reais (3,700 million dollars or 3,400 million euros) to recover from the damage caused by the floods, according to Government calculations regional.

The Brazilian President, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, has already announced an aid package worth 50 million reais (around 9,800 million dollars) to help this state, which includes direct assistance measures, subsidized credits for companies and aid for rural producers , among others.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2558591/sobe-para-137-o-numero-de-mortos-devido-as-inundacoes-no-brasil

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