In Southamerica, The general rule is to drive on roads and highways on the right, aligning itself with most countries in the world. However, there are two nations that do not comply with this precept: Guyana and Suriname.

Why do you drive on the left?

While most Latin American countries follow the rule of driving on the right, as do many territories in Europe, America and Asia, these Two South American countries are the exception in the subcontinent.

This particularity places Guyana and Suriname in an exclusive category and without a doubt, thus adding an aspect of attraction for tourists and researchers of international culture and traditions.

Guyana: the Dubai of South America

This is how Guyana is known due to its impressive economic development and growtha characteristic it shares with Suriname.

Unlike neighboring countries, they retained the practice of driving on the left, remnant of its colonial past. Guyana is a fascinating territory, where modernity meets British heritage.

Suriname: Former Dutch Guiana

Suriname, whose official name is the Republic of Suriname, was part of a Dutch colony that lasted for three centuries until finally gaining independence in 1975. Despite having a small population, it is remarkably diverse and multicultural.

Dutch is its official language, a legacy of its colonial past. Besides, Suriname claims territorial areas beyond its southern borders with Guyana and French Guiana.

Other countries in the world that drive on the left

  1. United Kingdom: the most emblematic country in this category, where the tradition of driving on the left goes back centuries.
  2. India: Although much of India follows the norm of driving on the left, there are also regions where driving on the right.
  3. Australia: Australians also share this particularity.

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