UA 21-year-old white young man killed three black people (a 52-year-old woman, a 19-year-old teenager and a 29-year-old young man), using a Glock pistol and a semi-automatic shotgun, shortly before 2 pm local time ( 19:00 in Lisbon) on Saturday, in a shop near Edward Waters University, a historically black university. The shooter committed suicide on the spot.

Joe Biden, in a statement released today and quoted by the EFE agency, expressed his condolences and explained that federal authorities have opened an investigation into the attack, which they treat as “a possible hate crime and violent extremism”.

The US president noted that the crime took place on the same day that he commemorated the 60th anniversary of the march on Washington against racism, in which the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his historic speech “I have a dream” ( I have a dream, in Portuguese).

“We have to say, clearly and bluntly, that there is no room for white supremacy in the United States. We must refuse to live in a country where families go to a store or to school in fear of being murdered because of their color. of the skin”, defended Joe Biden.

In addition, the head of state stressed that: “silence is complicity and we must not remain silent”.

The shooter left writings at the scene that led the authorities to believe that the crime was committed because it was the fifth anniversary of another shooting in Jacksonville, at a video game tournament, in which three people died, including the shooter.

Before the attack, the gunman had tried to enter Edward Waters University, but a security guard stopped him because he did not want to identify himself.

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