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Cyril Lignac is everywhere. Between his various restaurants and bakeries, his participation as a juror for Best Pastry Chef and his show Tous en cuisine, he accompanies the French daily in the kitchen. But that’s not all, he even shares some recipes and good tips in chronicles on RTL.

In “The Chef’s Tip”, he answers questions that listeners ask in order to help them cook better on a daily basis. Thursday September 7, 2023, the chef offered his community a delicious recipe for roast veal with mustard and honey. Here is the whole secret to succeeding every time.

Above all, the chef advises choose your meat wisely. In fact, to have a quality roast veal, he advises opting for quasi or veal. More tender, these meats are ideal when cooked as a roast. The chef also recommends buying meat from the butcher to get a very good quality product.

To succeed cooking in a casserole dish of his roast, Cyril Lignac has an unstoppable trick. He always starts by brushing a little mustard on all surfaces of the meat. Then, the chef grills the meat on each side, directly in the casserole dish. Thanks to the raised crust that surrounds the roast, it will have more flavors but also a better chewy consistency.

Cyril Lignac does not forget to add a little water to the casserole containing his roast veal: in fact, water has the capacity to prevent the meat from drying out during cooking. The French’s favorite chef also advises remembering to cover the casserole dish to preserve the meat. Concerning the cooking time, the chef recommends cooking the roast veal for 40 minutes, carefully monitoring the cooking but also the coloring.

Finally, as a big fan of sweet and sour, Cyril Lignac revealed on RTL his little secret for bringing sweetness to roast veal. To decide with the mustard spicy of the crust, he does not hesitate to add a small drizzle of Honey on his meat! Result: the roast has a very balanced blend of flavors!

The chef’s favorite accompaniment with meat generally remains the potatoes. On RTL, he even reveals his recipe for Bakery potatoes with small onions. Here is the recipe!

  1. Brown sliced ​​onions in a saucepan with a little garlic (cloves or dry), olive oil and a knob of butter.
  2. Wash and cut Charlotte potatoes and place them in a dish.
  3. Cover with the onion mixture, then add a new layer of potatoes.
  4. Repeat the operation until the ingredients are used up, then pour the remaining liquid into the onion pan. All you have to do is cook it for 45 minutes at 180°C.


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