Two bodies were found this Thursday in clandestine graves in the patio of a house very close to the border of the Mexican Ciudad Juárez with the United States, Local authorities reported that they suspect that there are more bodies in the area, so the searches will continue.

Carlos Manuel Salas, prosecutor of the Northern Zone of the State of Chihuahua, reported that with this discovery There are already 5 bodies exhumed from homes in that same neighborhood in just one week.

The complaint, made publicly on a tarp hanging on a bridge, speaks of 30 people buried in the patio of the house.

“Another search was carried out a few hours ago in the Francisco Villa neighborhood and so far there are two bodies found there, we have signs of other places and we will continue searching”Salas said.

He stated that they have not yet identified the bodies and that the investigations are just beginning, but he did not rule out that they are migrants or people who have missing persons reports.

He added that there is a team of experts collaborating in the investigations and that the prosecutor’s office has people carrying out all the necessary procedures to carry out searches in search of the 30 bodies.

On February 13, the authority found a blanket placed on a bridge of the Díaz Ordaz viaduct, in which it was reported that there were 30 bodies buried in the patio of a home. from the Francisco Villa neighborhood.

That same day the state prosecutor’s office began searches and excavations, finding the first two bodies. The houses where the bodies were found are 500 meters from the border with the United States.

The discovery occurs in the midst of an escalation of violence, in which, according to the authority, activity related to drug and human trafficking is mixed.

Among the most notable crimes related to migrants are two disappearances reported in the first days of January and the rescue of a group of 32 people from Guatemala earlier this month.

In the first 50 days of the year the city exceeded 200 registered homicides. The escalation of violence caused the Mexican Government to send more than 2,100 soldiers to patrol.

“This is not new for Ciudad Juárez, every time there are these increases in violence, the first thing they do is bring more people to control these criminal acts,” said Thor Salayandía Lara, National Councilor of the National Chamber of the Processing Industry.

He said that the presence of more soldiers does help reduce homicides, but that Issues such as these clandestine graves and the root problem of human and drug trafficking far exceed the limited patrol strategy they carry out.

Official data indicate that in the state of Chihuahua, almost 3,500 people have been found in nearly 415 clandestine graves between January 2007 and April 2023. Of these graves, more than 160 were located in Ciudad Juárez.


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