There is commotion in the Argentine city of Santiago del Estero, because there The lifeless body of a newborn baby was foundinside a garbage bag.

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The media Todo Noticias reported that a woman who was passing by a water canal noticed that several dogs were hanging around a bag. When she approached the site and saw the interior of the object, she received an unfortunate surprise, as the child’s body was lying inside her.

The citizen informed the authorities, who traveled to the area.

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After investigations at the scene, it was found that the baby He had been dead for two hours. Furthermore, he still had the umbilical cord with him.

The little boy’s body will undergo an autopsy, although preliminary results indicate that this He died due to hypovolemic shock.

Meanwhile, authorities are seeking to identify and locate the minor’s mother. For it, Security camera recordings will be reviewed and the medical records of pregnant women in the area will be studied.


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