Australian authorities are continuing the search for the bodies of former TV presenter Jesse Baird and her boyfriend, Luke Davis, allegedly murdered last week by a police officer in the southeast of the country.

New South Wales Police Deputy Chief David Hudson said at a news conference that officers searched several ponds and other locations on a farm near the town of Goulburn, located about 194 kilometers southwest of Sydney.

Hudson noted that the police Beau Lamarre-Condon, 28, accused of the murder of the two men, is not cooperating in the search of the corpses.

According to investigators, Lamarre-Condon purchased tools to supposedly enter the farm and also weights that he could have used to dispose of the bodies.

Lamarre-Condon is accused of having used a firearm to murder Baird and Davis last Monday night at the home of the former presenter, one of the popular faces of the Australian channel Network 10, in the suburb of Paddington, east of Sydney. .

Investigations indicate that the accused later used a rented white van, which has already been seized by the Police, to transport the couple’s bodies.

The Australian Police specified that the arrested officer is “a high-ranking agent assigned to a specialized command” who It would be an acquaintance of Baird, with whom he would have had intimate relations.

The agents also found a projectile and a firearm casing that match those used by the detained uniformed man’s pistol.

In a statement, the Chief of the New South Wales Police, Karen Webb, acknowledged the media attention of this case and apologized for the poor investigation of crimes against the LGBTIQ+ community between 1970 and 2010.

“I assure the LGBTIQ+ community that under my leadership, NSW Police will use these lessons to continue to improve our service to the entire community,” Webb said on Facebook.

Australian Police began investigating last Wednesday the disappearance of Baird, 26, and Davis, a 29-year-old flight attendant for the Qantas airline, after some of his belongings were found that day in a rubbish bin in the Cronulla neighborhood, south of Sydney.

The discovery of these bloody objects, including a watch, a telephone and a credit card, led the Police to search Baird’s home in the exclusive Paddington neighborhood, where they also found traces of blood.

To date, the New South Wales Police have searched Baird’s home, declared a crime scene, and Davis’s, and a third house in the Balmain neighborhood, northwest of the city, where they confiscated several objects.


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