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Cakes are not just for snacks. They can also be used as an aperitif or even as a main course. Not long ago, we already shared a recipe for savory goat cheese madeleines. On her Instagram page, Camille Guyon, dietitian and content creator, offers daily advice and tips for maintaining a balanced diet and promoting health throughout the year. Its varied publications range from savory to sweet, thus adapting to all palates.

This time, she surprises us with an unconventional recipe: the savory brownie version. This recipe can be made in less than 10 minutes by adding spinach and feta for a touch of freshness. You can also serve it with a raw vegetable salad and salmon, as the dietician suggests. A delicious creation not to be missed! And if you are looking for inspiration for other ideas for cooking frozen spinach, here is our selection of recipes.

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