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Participant in season 12 of Top Chef, Jarvis Scott was eliminated from the cooking competition in the second week. That didn’t stop him from embarking on the adventure by opening his first restaurant! In fact, the cook announced his wish to open his own establishment and his choice fell on the town of Trouville-sur-mer in Calvados. Located rue Durand Couyère, the former candidate’s 35-seat restaurant will take place at the La Bolée normande creperie.

The chef will offer signature cuisine with “accessible prices” and “will only work with fresh, seasonal products,” he explained. He also decided to offer his guests “a selection of sophisticated wines” for ideal tasting.

Although he lived in Sri Lanka between the age of 11 and the end of high school, Jarvis Scott mainly studied cooking thanks to the training offered by the famous Ferrandi school in Paris. He then made his debut in the kitchens of Galopin and then worked in the kitchens of Carré des Feuillants and Arpège. But he also learned his skills with chef Albert Adria in Barcelona (Spain). This experience brings him a lot and notably contributes to the choice of Matthias Marc, his former adversary from the small screen, to in fact be one of his collaborators. “I operate on affect… Jarvis cooks well, sticks well to the place, especially since he is familiar with small plates having worked at Albert Adria’s Tickets in Barcelona. I have confidence in him, and he is proactive,” explained the 28-year-old cook in an interview with Figaro.

The man who stood out on television with his cowboy boots on his feet is now himself looking for several profiles to join his future establishment. The chef is looking in particular for a room manager specializing in wine and spirits as well as a cook. The former candidate is also looking for two apprentices, one to join the kitchen and the other to work in the dining room. If you are interested, just contact him by email at [email protected].


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