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To dip carrot sticks or in small sandwiches, hummus is one of the ideal recipes for an aperitif. Simple and quick to make, we never get tired of it. The problem ? It is sometimes difficult to obtain smooth hummus, particularly because of the thin skin of chickpeas.

Fortunately, know that there is a foolproof trick to obtain shameful and delicious hummus. Here’s how to do it.

To obtain a creamy hummus, the secret according to Mohamed Cheikh would be to mix the chickpeas with… ice cubes! the cold helps to smooth the texture but also to eradicate the small lumps still present. To do this, simply mix the chickpeas with the aquafaba or water then add the lemon juice, salt, spices, sesame oil and tahini. After a few minutes, when the texture is homogeneous, add the ice cubes. Add them one after the other and mix between each addition.

In terms of quantity, you need around 10g of ice cubes for 100g of chickpeas. You will see that little by little your hummus will become smoother and smoother.

And if you don’t have ice cubes already ready, don’t panic, we have the solution. Put the liquid you use for the recipe either water or aquafaba in the fridge so that it is very, very cold. You can then incorporate it into the recipe, which will have an effect similar to that of ice cubes and will allow your hummus to be very smooth.

To vary the pleasures, we explain how to make your broccoli hummus, a real treat!


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