MIslands of people, most of whom were dressed in black, gathered in Valiasr square, in the center of the capital, where black flags were raised and posters with portraits of Raisi were placed, in an event called by the Government to pay homage to the ultra-conservative head of state .

As is customary at all government events in Iran, those present shouted slogans against Israel and the United States.

“Death to Israel! Death to the United States!”, was heard among the crowd.

“This type of tragic events will not stop the country from fighting against imperialism and the usurping regime of Israel, the direction that President Raisi was following”, said with tears in his eyes Ali Reza, a 63-year-old taxi driver, quoted by the news agency Spanish news EFE.

With Raisi’s death, his first vice-president, Mohammad Mokhber, assumed his duties on an interim basis, following the approval of Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, as stipulated in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic.

Mokhber, also from the radical wing of the Iranian Government, together with the heads of the legislative and judicial branches, is part of a council whose mission is to organize and hold elections within a maximum period of 50 days, to elect the country’s new President.

Despite these sudden changes, supporters of Raisi, a figure close to Iran’s supreme leader, are confident that his death will not disrupt the functioning of the country.

“This tragedy has shaken society, but, as the supreme leader said on Sunday, we will not let his death cause the slightest problem in the management of the country and the implementation of Islamic Iran’s policies,” said Mohammad, an accountant at a public company, the few meters from Valiasr square.

In other parts of Iran, such as Raisi’s hometown, Mashad (northeast), Hamedan (west), Qazvin (north) and Tabriz (northwest), among others, similar concentrations were held to pay tribute to Raisi, also a former leader of the country’s judicial power.

Raisi, 63, died on Sunday in a helicopter crash, which crashed into a mountain peak in the Varzaghan area, in northwestern Iran.

Also on board the aircraft were the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hossein Amir Abdolahian, the governor of the Iranian region of East Azerbaijan, Malek Rahmati, and the leader of Friday prayers in the city of Tabriz, Mohammad-Ali Ale-Hashem, as well as such as two pilots, a flight attendant, the head of presidential security and a guard. Everyone died in the accident.

The ultra-conservative head of state came to power in 2021, after winning the presidential elections with the highest level of abstention in the history of the Islamic Republic.

His government has since intensified repression against activists, women and critics of the regime.

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