Gift your family, friends and guests with baked goods
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Turkey, chicken, Chester… So that the white meat is moist and tastier, season it with vinegar, white wine, white pepper, salt, onion, garlic, rosemary and oregano. When baking, during the whole process, wrap the tips of the wings with aluminum foil so they don’t get burnt.

Pig meat

Pork is very popular and delicious. The shank can be seasoned with white wine, olive oil, lemon, black pepper and salt. The tenderloin will be wonderful and delicious if you soak it in orange juice with fine herbs, pepper and salt. A sow’s marinade can be made with white wine, bay leaf, garlic and salt or just coarse salt. It should be served with slices of lemon.


Fish, whole or in slices, always cooks faster than other meats. Be alert. Seasoning can be made with coconut milk or passion fruit juice mixed with lemon, garlic, white pepper, and sage.

Bovine Meat

Seasoning for red meats can be made with red wine, onion, garlic, basil, black pepper and salt. With this seasoning, red meats are tastier. For meat stuffed with an ingredient that is already salty, such as pepperoni sausage or bacon, reduce the salt in the seasoning.

Mother’s Tips

Don’t want a lot of meat left? So calculate 150 grams per person.

To prevent meat from drying out, wrap it in aluminum foil for the first thirty minutes and always drizzle with the broth that remains in the mold.

See also this highly praised recipe for pork shank in wine.


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