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After 15 years of broadcasting, Stéphane Rotenberg is starting to know more about cooking. He rubs shoulders with the greatest chefs and knows how to make our mouths water behind our television set. Moreover, Femme Actuelle reveals that certain people from production affirm it, it is a “seasoned gastronomic critic”. Faced with this reputation, it is therefore legitimate to wonder if he too has the right to taste the culinary creations of the candidates. Who wouldn’t be tempted?

Please note that if the host sees the dishes one after the other during the chefs’ tasting, he too has the right to taste them, but this is simply not shown on the screen. In fact, the producer of the show Virginie Dhers entrusted to our colleagues from Current wife yes “The production doesn’t really have the opportunity to taste the dishes, but Stéphane Rotenberg tastes all the dishes. Precisely, this famous spinner plate which is not tasted by the jurors, it is he who eats it.”

And yes, the presenter also has the right to his little tasting. A moment that is particularly close to his heart and that he takes very seriously, as much as the chefs: “Stéphane is a great gourmand and every year, he gains a few kilos on Top Chef. It’s systematic, he tastes all the dishes. I think he would make a very good juror. Sometimes, Stéphane tells us: Ah me, I think that and the guest chef tells us the same. So he has a fine palate!”

A real privilege for the presenter since not all teams have this chance obviously: “For the team, it’s more exceptional. There are 100 people who work on Top Chef, so it’s more complicated to taste the dishes.”


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