There is mourning in Ecuador for a tragedy on a beach in the province of Guayas. A huge dolphin monument collapsed and killed three minors. Four other people were injured.

According to what was revealed by Ecuavisa, the event occurred on Delfín beach. The monument that collapsed had the figure of the name of the beach and It was about 80 meters long.

Apparently, the structure, which was a tourist attraction for locals and strangers, had been affected by erosion, heavy rains and relentless winds from the beach. In February it was even reported that thunder had struck the monument.

In images uploaded to social networks, a group of people can be seen desperately searching for bathers. With their hands they try to move heavy rocks that fell after the collapse of the dolphin monument.

In another video that was uploaded to Facebook, you can see the moment in which rescuers and community members remove a body on a stretcher from the rubble left by the collapse of the structure.

The people who are at the scene mourn what happened: “Misfortune befell the dolphin here. “It was a disgrace.”

This tragedy on a beach occurred after noon this Monday, March 11, 2024, according to local media reports.


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