Convinced that there are no reasons to judge him and with a stack of documents in his hand, the former president arrived Donald Trump to a new day of trial in New York. Trump continues fighting with the judge and seeking a sanction for violating the gag law that he imposed on him.

On their social networks, Trump pointed out Colombian judge Juan Manuel Merchán as a pawn of the Democratic Party.

During the new day of the trial, The former president’s defense continued with its interrogation of David Pecker, former editor of the National Enquirer, who was supposedly allied with Trump’s former lawyer to not publish stories that could harm the former president and who already said that he was involved in the payments of Stormy Daniels and the Playboy model Karen Mcdougal.

Trump faces charges of manipulating accounting records and pass on those payments, which he reimbursed to his attorney Michael Cohen as fees.

As the trial progresses in New York, It seems that Trump will suffer a setback in another trial, this time in Washington. His claim of immunity before the Supreme Court did not seem to convince the majority of judges, who, according to their statements, fear setting a precedent that would prevent the prosecution of a future president who commits crimes during his term.

Meanwhile, this Friday President Joe Biden said in a radio interview that he is willing to participate in a debate with Trumpthat he will do it somewhere, but he doesn’t know when.


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