Former US President Donald Trump accused the current president this Thursday, Joe Biden on being a “walking lie machine” and warned his followers to prepare “for the worst” in their imminent debate in Atlanta.

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“Biden is a walking lying machine, so we have to be prepared for the worst. He called you racist. He called you a threat to democracy. He called you a fascist – what a sad joke,” he said in an email sent by his campaign.

The Republican politician asked people to send him some “last words” before his face to face with Biden, to whom the two candidates They arrive practically tied in the polls.

“With your advice, I’ll make him eat those words when we meet on stage,” he added in a message riddled with capital letters, exclamation marks and expletives, in which he stressed to his voters that this opportunity to end Biden’s “failed” political career cannot be wasted.

Follow the debate of Donald Trump and Joe Biden live:

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