NNew York, 22 December 2023 (Lusa) — Former President of the United States Donald Trump highlighted today that he is eager to debate with the current head of state Joe Biden, even if the debates are held by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CDP) , a non-partisan organization.

Trump also stressed that he is available to debate a single Republican rival if a serious candidate emerges from the party’s primaries in the state of New Hampshire, reported the Associated Press (AP).

The Republican tycoon, who has failed all the primary debates so far, citing his leadership in voting intentions in the polls as justification, was asked whether he will debate Biden if he is nominated by his party.

“Ah, I’ll be looking forward to that. How about 10 debates?” Trump responded today, during an interview with conservative presenter Hugh Hewitt.

The former president expressed his availability even if the debates were organized by the CDP, against whom Trump and other party partners have been against for several years.

“They are totally corrupt and terrible. But that being said, I will do 20 debates, even if they are organized by them. I will be in as many debates as they want. I will do a debate every night against him [Biden]”, Trump insisted.

The Republican National Committee voted unanimously, in April 2022, to withdraw from this organization’s events, alleging a biased stance, and demanded that candidates sign an agreement in which they committed to participating only in debates sanctioned by the committee. Trump, however, never signed that pledge.

The nonprofit organization was created in 1987 and has hosted every presidential and vice presidential general election debate since then. The organization describes the rules for each debate and selects the locations, dates and moderators for the events.

Regarding the internal race, Trump also expressed his availability, during the interview, for a debate on the Republican primaries after the vote in New Hampshire.

Public polls show Trump ahead, but also that the former governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, has been gaining ground, particularly in New Hampshire.

Trump also highlighted that he is “not worried” about Haley, who also served as ambassador to the United Nations during the tycoon’s administration.

The Biden campaign has not yet committed to the debates for the 2024 elections. Quentin Fulks, Biden’s deputy campaign manager, highlighted to journalists at the beginning of the month that the campaign will examine the schedule that the Commission on Presidential Debates released in November.

This commission established a schedule of three presidential debates to be held in college towns in Texas, Virginia and Utah between September 16 and October 9, 2024, as well as a vice-presidential debate in Pennsylvania.

As president, Trump repeatedly accused the commission of unfair treatment and then refused to participate in the second debate of 2020, following a decision to hold the event virtually due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Democrats also expressed frustration with the commission in 2020, accusing it of not following the rules when it came to Trump.

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