DTwo mothers are killed every hour in the Gaza Strip following the armed conflict between Israel and Hamas, according to a report released by the United Nations (UN).

The UN estimates that around 16,000 women and children were killed in this war, at least 3,000 women may have been widowed and 10,000 children may have lost their parents.

The UN Women document also considers that 1.9 million people – of the 2.3 million inhabitants of Gaza – are displaced, of which “around one million are women and girls” seeking shelter and safety.

“As much as we regret the plight of the women and girls of Gaza today, we will regret it even more tomorrow if there is no unrestricted humanitarian assistance and an end to the destruction and killing,” said the UN executive director Women, Sima Bahous.

“These women and girls are deprived of safety, medicine, healthcare and shelter. They face hunger. Above all, they are deprived of hope and justice”, he adds, declaring that it is time for “a time of peace”, since this is due “to all Israeli and Palestinian women and girls”.

“This conflict is not theirs. They must not continue to pay its price”, reiterates Sima Bahous.

Meanwhile, UNICEF warned that “more than 20,000 babies and children have been born ‘in hell’ since Israel’s bombing began in response to Hamas attacks.”

The UN agency also states that 135,000 children up to the age of two are at risk of severe malnutrition in that region.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2484549/duas-maes-sao-mortas-a-cada-hora-em-gaza-filhos-nasceram-num-inferno

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