The Ukrainian Defense Minister, Rustem Umerov, gave these explanations on social media as part of an assessment of the latest actions against negligent practices and corruption in the armed forces.

Umerov also referred to another case that the Ministry of Defense won in court against a Ukrainian arms company, which did not deliver the explosive mines it was supposed to supply to the army, in a contract also worth 1.5 billion hryvnias. [mais de 36 milhões de euros].

Among the anti-corruption actions carried out last week, the Ukrainian minister also referred to the accusations that were made against several Defense commanders for the irregular acquisition of mortar ammunition, also worth 1.5 billion hryvnias.

Umerov noted that his Ministry is carrying out “unplanned warehouse inspections” of military units looking for possible fraud or cases where agreed material has not been delivered.

“We discovered that food worth more than 50 million hryvnias (more than 1.2 million euros) was not provided,” said Umerov about another of the irregularities found.

These investigations led the Ministry to “change suppliers in some military units”, said the minister.

Umerov was appointed to the position in September, replacing Oleksi Reznikov, who left the position after several corruption scandals in the acquisition of material for the Army became known.

One of the priorities, according to Umerov, is to promote transparency and put an end to these types of irregularities.

In a letter sent to Ukrainian authorities shortly after Umerov’s appointment, the United States demanded urgent action from Kiev to end corruption in the military as a condition for continuing to send military aid to Ukraine.

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