O Pentagon spokesman Pat Ryder stated at a press conference that none of this contingent is destined for Israel.

The 900 soldiers have already been deployed or are in the process of doing so in the United States Central Command (Centcom) area of ​​operations, which operates in the Middle East, Central Asia and parts of South Asia.

“I can confirm that they will not go to Israel. Their objective is to support regional deterrence efforts and further strengthen the protection capabilities of United States forces,” explained the spokesperson, adding that the number of troops will vary depending on needs of the situation.

The United States has already mobilized, among various means, two aircraft carriers to dissuade militias allied with Iran and specifically Hezbollah, in Lebanon, from entering the conflict.

At the same time, in recent days, Washington has warned of an increase in attacks against its bases in Syria and Iraq.

Since October 17, the United States and coalition forces have recorded 12 attacks in Iraq and four in Syria with drones and rockets.

US forces deployed in northern Iraq as part of the international coalition fighting the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group today shot down two ‘drones’ launched by Iraqi militias against a US troop base in northern Iraq.

According to a Kurdish official, two drones attacked the Harir base, located near Erbil airport, capital of the semi-autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan.

This new action was claimed by the so-called Islamic Resistance in Iraq, a group of pro-Iranian militias that in recent weeks have claimed responsibility for more than a dozen attacks against bases with US personnel in Iraq and Syria.

At least 21 soldiers were slightly injured, according to the US Department of Defense.

The Islamist group Hamas launched a surprise attack on southern Israel on October 7 with the launch of thousands of rockets and the incursion of armed militiamen, taking two hundred hostages.

In response, Israel declared war on Hamas, a movement that has controlled the Gaza Strip since 2007 and which is classified as terrorist by the European Union and the United States, bombing several of the group’s infrastructures in the Gaza Strip and imposing a total siege on the territory with a cut of supply of water, fuel and electricity.

The conflict has already caused thousands of deaths and injuries, among military personnel and civilians, in both territories.

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