SAccording to the Daily Telegraph newspaper, cited by Efe, these documents show that the American intention is to store atomic bombs with three times the power of the one used in Hiroshima, during the Second World War, at Lakenheath air base, in Suffolk.

The United States stopped having a nuclear presence on British soil in 2008, considering that the danger of the Cold War had passed, and the decision comes at a time when NATO has redoubled its warnings about a hypothetical future confrontation with Russia.

Documentation seen by the Telegraph reveals plans for a “nuclear mission” to be carried out soon in Lakenheath, where nuclear weapons had already been installed during the Cold War.

Last year’s budget already alluded to a “safety deposit” for the base, a term by which the Pentagon often refers to the need for a safe place for atomic bombs while they are not in use.

According to the documents, the Pentagon ordered new equipment for the base, including ballistic shields to protect it from attacks on “high-value assets.”

The newspaper adds that construction work on a new residence for US troops, who manage the base in accordance with British rules and regulations, will begin next June.

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