“MWe will closely monitor the results of this investigation,” State Department spokesman Matthew Miller assured reporters today.

Miller stressed that the United States will continue “to emphasize to Israel its obligation to fully comply with international humanitarian law, to minimize the impact of its operations on civilians, and to maximize the flow of humanitarian assistance to those in need.”

The State Department spokesperson further reiterated that “Israel has the right to pursue the Hamas terrorists responsible for the cold-blooded murder of civilians, as appears to have been the case here, and Hamas should stop hiding behind civilians in Gaza”.

Since the first reports of the attack, Washington has expressed its concerns to Israeli authorities, he added.

According to Israel, the army targeted and killed two senior Hamas officials from Rafah during Sunday’s attack, after which a fire broke out and devastated a camp for displaced Palestinians located “at a distance” from the hit site.

The Israeli Army attributed the fire to the explosion of ammunition stored in facilities belonging to the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas close to the ones it bombed.

The US Defense (Pentagon) stressed today that Washington continues to believe that the Israeli operation in Rafah remains limited, despite the recent deadly attack.

The White House said last week that it considered the Israeli military operation in Rafah “targeted and limited”, but President Joe Biden has not yet commented on Sunday’s attack.

“We take what happened this weekend very seriously. We have all seen the images, they are absolutely horrific. Do we support what happened this weekend? Of course we don’t want to see this type of death,” said Sabrina Singh, deputy -Pentagon spokesperson, during a press conference.

Asked about the presence of Israeli tanks in the center of Rafah, according to witnesses, Sabrina Singh repeated: “Nothing has changed in relation to what I have already said. We still believe that this is a limited operation.”

Israel’s first diplomatic and military supporter, Joe Biden has repeatedly warned against a major offensive in Rafah as the Gaza Strip is devastated by more than seven months of war.

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