“AWe believe that Israel can and should do more to ensure the protection of innocent civilians. We do not believe that what is happening in Gaza is a genocide”, declared the national security advisor at a press conference.

Jake Sullivan said that US President Joe Biden is working towards a regional situation after the conflict in the Gaza Strip that “guarantees Israel’s security and at the same time paves the way for a future of dignity and security for the people Palestinian, rather than seeing Israel mired in an endless counter-guerrilla campaign.”

The adviser reiterated that the US administration believes that “it would be a mistake to launch a major military operation in the heart of Rafah”, in the southern Gaza Strip, which “would endanger a huge number of civilians without a clear strategic gain”.

Joe Biden’s commitment to Israel, he insisted, is “reinforced concrete”, but “that does not mean that there will never be disagreement” with the Israeli Government.

More than 35,000 inhabitants of the Gaza Strip have died, most of them civilians, since the conflict began more than seven months ago, according to data from the Ministry of Health controlled by the Islamist group Hamas.

The large-scale action in the Palestinian enclave is in retaliation for the attack that Hamas carried out on Israeli soil on October 7, which resulted in the deaths of more than 1,100 people while around 250 were taken hostage.

Israel and Hamas are unable to reach an agreement for a truce, while Tel Aviv forces attack Rafah, where there are hundreds of thousands of displaced people from Palestinian territory, isolated and immersed in a serious humanitarian crisis.

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