O Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto warned this Monday of the consequences of Ukraine’s attacks on Russian territory with weapons provided by the United States, considering that they represent an escalation of the conflict, which could lead Russia to respond harder.

“What will be the consequences?” asked the diplomat, during a meeting, in statements by the MIT agency, cited by the Russian state agency TASS. “The only question is whether they will fight back as much as before or more,” he added.

“The war train has left the penultimate station and is arriving here. The next stop is the final stop, and the question is whether it will get there, or whether someone will hit the emergency brake so the train stops on an open road. “, he also said, in reference to a military confrontation between Russia and Western countries.

Therefore, he took the opportunity to refer to the importance of the European elections. “The emergency brake will be activated on June 9 and it is European voters who can activate it”, he pointed out, calling on Hungarians to support Fidesz – the party in power – which opposes the supply of weapons to Kyiv.

Recall that the current debate over aid provided to Ukraine, almost two and a half years after the start of the war, concerns Kyiv’s allies allowing the country to use donated military equipment against Russian military capabilities on its own territory.

Moscow warned that this would imply the participation of these states in the conflict.

Atlantic Alliance (NATO) Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg indicated last week that lifting restrictions on Western weapons for Ukraine to attack Russia will allow Kyiv to defend itself, although a large part of the allies are divided on this issue.

A new coordinated offensive by Russia, which began on May 10, focused on the region northeast of Kharkiv, but Moscow has also played with the saturation of Ukrainian defenses, inferiority in men and weapons, in Donetsk, while at the same time launching incursions in the northern regions of Sumy and Chernihiv and carries out daily bombings against energy infrastructures.

On Sunday, White House National Security Council (presidential) spokesman John Kirby confirmed that US President Joe Biden has agreed to allow Ukraine to use some weapons supplied by Washington to attack Russian soil, in order to alleviate the “incredible pressure” that Russia has exerted on the Kharkiv border region.

Ukraine has asked for permission to use US-supplied weapons to attack “imminent threats across the border,” Kirby said, speaking to ABC television station.

“We’re talking about military positions, weapons positions, that kind of thing. Logistics bases that the Russians were using to create some kind of buffer zone so they could continue to attack Kharkiv,” Kirby said, adding that permission is limited. this region and with regard to the types of targets to be reached.

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