OThe United States will “discuss” the response of the Islamist movement Hamas to a proposed ceasefire in the Gaza Strip with Israel, Qatar and Egypt. “It remains our top priority to try to reach a ceasefire agreement that leads to the release of hostages and allows for increased humanitarian aid to Gaza and within the territory,” said US State Department spokesman, Matthew Miller, at a press conference.

“We only received this response from Hamas in the last hour, or in the last 90 minutes. We will discuss the matter with Egypt, Qatar and Israel, the three countries with whom we have been working on this process”continued.

In the same statements, Miller assured that if the talks “have not yet started”, they should begin “in the next few hours”.

“As for Hamas’ response, I don’t want to characterize it in any kind of detail until we have had the opportunity to analyze it in depth and talk to our partners in the region about the matter.”repeated the North American spokesperson.

Miller assured, at the same time, that “there has been a significant offer on the table and the ball has been in Hamas’ court.” “We made it clear that they should accept this offer, that Israel made significant commitments and showed that it wanted to reach an agreement that would lead to the release of hostages and an immediate ceasefire,” he added, refusing to go into detail about the aforementioned Hamas response.

The Islamist movement Hamas announced today that it had accepted a ceasefire proposal, mediated by Egypt and Qatar, to suspend the seven-month war with Israel in the Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian group issued a statement today stating that its leader, Ismail Haniyeh, has already announced the decision in a phone call to the governments of Qatar and Egypt, but the Israeli government has not yet commented.

For several months now, these two countries have been mediating talks between Israel and Hamas, seeking to find a solution to the war sparked by the Islamist movement’s attack on Israeli territory on October 7th.

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